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Kaius has only started karting in 2020. Despite his short career, he has shown his ability and potential to become one of the top drivers in the sport. In 2021 Kaius stepped up to the first international category under the FIA, OK Junior. Despite the rookie season, Kaius showed good performance in the Finnish Championship series and although he missed the last 2 races, Kaius' ranking in the Finnish Championship series was 15/31.


The transfer of the 2021 World Championships from Brazil to Campillos, Spain, offered Kaius the opportunity to measure his pace among the world’s top drivers. Kaius signed a two-race contract with the Spanish DPK Racing Team. The agreement covered both the World Championship pre race (October 21-24, 2021) and the actual World Championship race (October 28-31, 2021). Even though Kaius didn't get to the finals, the experience was really good and valuable to the future.

"It was awesome to be able to measure my own pace among the world's top drivers. My main goal was to collect experience for the 2022 season. I that I got a lot."

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Name: Kaius Torvinen

Date of birth: 10.9.2008

Nationality: Finnish

Home town: Tampere

Club: PirKa Ry

Team: Koski Motorsport, Team Finland

Started karting: 2020


Sport background:

- Tennis, TaTs (Tampereen Tennisseura)

- Football, Tampereen Ilves.


At PirKa Driver Academy from 2021 onwards.


Hobbies: Motocross (KaMoke Ry), slalom and boxing.


Finnish Championship series OKJ category:

Goal: top 5 and Rotax Jr. Max top 3.


In addition to Finnish Championship series, Kaius will also drive Estonian or German Championship series and selected international races in Europe.


RMC Finland:

Rotax Jr. Max, ranking P6/24.


Finnish Championship series OKJ class (rookie season) P15/31

(Kaius didn't drive the last race)


Start year in karting

RMC Finland:

Rotax Jr. Max category P13/24



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Karting is the first step into international motorsport. Driving at the top level in both national and international series requires large financial investments. We are actively looking for new partners. In our co-operation we always offer more than we promise to our partners, and we believe in long-term cooperation. Get in touch if you want to support Kaius' career! 

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